The Importance of Having a Tissue Freezer in 2021

The Importance of Having a Tissue Freezer in 2021

We live in some highly challenging times. We’re facing one of the deadliest threats that humanity recorded in the past 100 years. More than three million people died from the latest deadly virus – Covid-19 or the Coronavirus as it is also commonly known.

The planet struggled for more than a year until the scientists finally managed to find a vaccine for it. Now, billions of people are awaiting vaccination and this is a process that needs help from everyone. To transport these vaccines from factories to the community, special equipment is needed.

The conditions under which the vaccines can travel are highly demanding. You can’t just place them in a plastic bag and take them from one place to another. The substance inside the tiny bottles will instantly be destroyed and the vaccines will be useless.

Instead, you need special freezers on which these items should travel. These freezers are made specifically for such needs and every one of them is called a tissue freezer or an ultra-low temp freezer. The conditions that these items can provide are out of this world, but this is the only way to get the right deal.

What kind of conditions vaccines ask for?

To be stored and transported safely, most of the covid-19 vaccines that were invented must stay at a temperature between -112 to -76 degrees Fahrenheit. This can only be achieved by these special types of freezers that are the only ones to achieve this type of temperature.

It’s interesting that upon opening, the substance can only last for a couple of minutes. After this, it is useless. It is the same if it is being transported without the necessary equipment. The liquid inside will be ruined before it even gets to the patients.

The patients will then receive a shot, but it won’t do anything for them. It will just be a cocktail of useless substance and they will think they got vaccinated, while they actually weren’t. That’s why it’s great to have these types of freezers to do the job properly.

What are these freezers also used for?

These types of freezing techniques are also needed for other kinds of storage and transportation. Most of them are being used in the medical world, and rarely in other types of industries. Learn more about them here.

The reason why are they called tissue freezers is because they are widely used for transporting organs that need to be transplanted to another patient. For example, if the donor died in Boston, and the patient awaiting his heart in LA, it must be stored perfectly in an ultra-low temperature freezer to arrive at the recipient in perfect condition.

Also, blood is transported at the same deep freezing temperatures. We all know how many accidents happen daily and how many people’s lives are in danger. The most serious issue in car accidents, for example, are not broken limbs or torn-off skin, but the loss of blood.

We all have around 5 liters of blood in our body, and if we lose around 3 of it, we won’t be able to function. This is why transfusions are the most important tasks when an accident happens. Until the patient gets to the hospital, they need to receive a lot of blood from their precise type.

There are four main types of blood – A, B, AB, and O. They all have a positive and negative RH factor, which is also important when receiving it. That’s why transporting bags of blood is common across the world – so that people struggling with dangerous and life-threatening situations survive. Learn more about blood types here:

How to get them?

To find these types of freezers is easy. You just need to go to the internet and type in the search box what you’re looking for. There will be an endless amount of options. After you see so many of them, you need to choose the right ones for you.

To know who the best manufacturers are, it is best to ask people who already used them. Look through the review webpages and see which ones seem to be the best ones according to previous users. Ordering online is possible from almost all of them, so don’t worry about that part.

The Importance of Having a Tissue Freezer in 2021


With everything that we’ve written above, you now know why having deep tissue freezers is so important for people and humanity. In ordinary everyday situations, they may save someone’s life, and during these times of the Covid-19 crisis, they can also help the world recover and go back to the old habits.

We need more of these pieces of equipment and we need to come up with a way to make them accessible to everyone. You can never know when you might need one. The doctors are equipped with it, but there’s always a shortage of them in the world.

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