Try Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation Online for Free with Glo’s Trial Membership Offer

Try Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation Online for Free with Glo's Trial Membership Offer

Try Meditation Online and See Great Results with Glo

Glo is a health and wellness app and website that offers video instruction across a variety of disciplines. Students can learn yoga, Pilates, and meditation online at their own pace. Courses are offered for absolute beginners and go all the way through instructor-level training. Giving students the opportunity to better themselves in a supportive environment that helps them grow is what Glo had in mind when starting their organization. Ever since the site began, they’ve been able to attract some of the world’s leading authorities in all the subjects they offer.

Meditation Online Offers Incredible Benefits

Meditation online offers some of the best methods for relaxation, relieving stress, and promoting spiritual growth. This ancient discipline is often taught by yogis as a complement to a yoga course. However, many meditation instructors including those with Glo, dedicate their entire course offerings to meditation online. There are also audio meditation files that you can download to take with you anywhere. Imagine relaxing on a flight and arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy life. Proper breathing, posture, and tips to clear your mind are promoted to help the learner have the best possible experience. You won’t need any special equipment to get started; however, a yoga mat is helpful to keep yourself stationary. Just a few of the many meditation courses that Glo provides include:

  • Meditation for Frustrated Parents
  • Meditation for Men
  • Meditation for Women
  • Meditation for Peace
  • Meditation for Energy and more

Learn from Top Yogis

Yoga instructors with Glo are passionate about their practice and it shows in their classes. You’ll find that they also have a passion for helping others in their journey to become healthier. Proper breathing, stretching, posture, and flexibility are all stressed to help students achieve better results. You don’t need to be in shape or buy anything special to get started except a yoga mat and blocks if you desire. If you’re experienced in yoga or are an instructor yourself, you’ll find that you’ll have nothing to worry about with their over 3,000 lessons to choose from. Some of the most popular yoga offerings available on Glo include:

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Conditioning for yoga
  • Yin
  • Restorative yoga and more

Pilates Offers Even Greater Strength Building Benefits

Pilates offered through Glo incorporates stretching and elongating muscles to gain definition and become toned. Mat Pilates is offered in all different levels as are courses that utilize equipment and machines; however, these items are completely optional. Dancers, actors, and famous athletes all promote Pilates for building endurance, improving posture, and, of course, muscle growth. Core exercises are stressed and act as somewhat of a focal point through many lessons. Pilates also pairs well with meditation online courses. For a low-impact way to get in shape with exceptional and noticeable results, Pilates is a great choice.

Trying Glo On for Size is Quick, Easy, and Free!

Glo is offering an exceptional opportunity to join for free for 15-days. You’ll have the same access as a paying member and will be matched with great courses and a great instructor that’s chosen based on your interests. You’re free to choose any instructor or any course you’d like, and you aren’t obligated to continue beyond the trial period. Registering will get you into the site and you’ll be able to explore. Taking a course is the best way to determine if you’d like to join. Join in on the fun and start with your free trial, today!

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