How to stay healthy during a pandemic

How to stay healthy during a pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times that none would have ever imagined could have happened during our time. The coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately brought our lives to a standstill. You can no longer have the freedom that you took for granted of socializing and mingling with people. This is because you are advised to maintain social distance to stay healthy and reduce the spread of the virus.

During this tough time, you must maintain social distance and follow guidelines as directed by the government and world health organization. You should also take care of yourself by doing the following activities.

· Exercising.

Even though you might not go to the gym as you used to during this pandemic, you can still exercise while at home. There are many applications to keep fit by exercising and if possible your gym instructor can send you some workout routines to follow through. Do pushups, sit-ups, or run around your home area.

· Drinking water.

Your body is made up of 70 percent of water. Staying hydrated is important to enabling your key body functions such as blood circulation, urinating, and muscle nourishment. Staying hydrated keeps your skin nourished and keeps you refreshed.

· Maintain social distance.

The coronavirus is dangerously contagious and person to person contact is the leading spread of the virus. The virus cannot spread by itself. The more social distance you maintain physically the minimal chances there are for you to be infected. It is recommended that you stay at home if possible and when you have to go out maintain at least two meters apart.

· Wear Facemask.

You must wear a face mask covering not only to protect yourself from contamination but also to protect others if you happen to be infected. Your facemask must not be the recommended N95 as those should be preserved for our frontline health workers. Surgical masks are still useful and can be used.

· Maintain social connection.

There is a difference between social distance and social connection. Social connection is staying in touch with loved ones via technology such as video calls and social media. Humans are social beings and disconnection can lead to stress and un-comfortability which is unhealthy.

· Minimize alcohol.

Do you miss your favorite boos? As much as you would like to get drunk and have fun you need to do it moderately. Alcohol is believed to reduce immunity when taken in large quantities.

· Eat Healthily.

What you consume can either make you or break you. During this pandemic, you must eat healthy food that has a balanced diet. Avoid junk food during this pandemic and if possible get in touch with a nutritionist.

· Do not skip Doctor Appointments.

It has been noted that people are not attending doctor appointments in fear of contracting the virus. This should not be the case because you are putting your life at greater risk. Hospitals are the safest places you can go to as they are aware of guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. To read more insightful posts visit