Easiest Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Using Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Easiest Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Using Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Industry professionals, lawyers as well as employers from all sectors are showing interest in hair analysis since it has the ability of whether someone is misusing prohibited substances.

It is vital to understand how different types of screenings work so that you can determine which one are the best for your particular requirements.

However, you should have in mind that the most efficient way to test your employees is to consider hair analysis as the most accurate way possible.

You should check how to pass a hair drug test so that you can determine whether there are possibilities to do it.

The main idea is that it can detect prior abuse of illegal substances, especially the ones that get out of the system in matter of days, so you will not be able to find them in urinalysis.

The goal is to determine the patterns of drug abuse in a specific period, in most cases, up to ninety days. Technicians working for a lab will take your hair samples from head, approximately 1.5 inches so that they can have the most accurate specimen.

Why Should You Choose It?

Easiest Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Using Hair Follicle Drug Tests

You may decide to undergo this particular drug screening for medical, legal, and employment purposes. For instance, most companies nowadays decide to test potential employees as part of pre-employment process, especially if you wish to start working a risky job.

At the same time, they have legal rights to conduct random testing for specific employees based on a particular situation such as accident, or as the part of company’s policy.

Have in mind that in the USA, testing laws tend to vary based on the state you wish to work in. Remember that some states prohibit completely random screenings, which means that employer should provide a notice at least a few days, or have relevant proof that will support the decision.

Apart from employers, courts can also request that some individual conduct a hair analysis due to probation, domestic violence, adoption, and child custody processes.

You can also get this particular type of screening in a healthcare institution in case that your doctor thinks that you are at risk when it comes to drug abuse.

In most cases, you have to write consent so that the employer can do it legally. The best way to learn more about passing this particular analysis is by clicking here.

The Procedure

You will be able to conduct it at home, by using standards kits, but you should follow instructions entirely so that you can get the accurate results. It is also common in workplace or healthcare setting.

The idea is to let the administrator remove hair sample from your scalp so that laboratory can determine whether you are positive for illegal drugs or not.

It is vital to note that specific medications, as well as foods such as poppy seeds, can cause false-positive results since they may contain compounds such as THC, CBD, and morphine. Even though the analysis has to undergo two-step testing with an idea to ensure overall accuracy.

Have in mind that the first step is enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay screening, which will provide you positive or negative result in matter of hours.

In case the test shows positive, the administrator will have to confirm the first results by using GC-MS so that he can determine the type of drugs your employee consumed.

Finally, you can conduct a home test to your teen children in a case that you are suspicious and wish to determine whether something happens or not. You should find a certified provider on internet and always ask for recommendation and conduct thorough research.

You will find all the instructions you need so that you can do it efficiently, and everything will be explained so that you can do everything properly before sending to a lab.

Things You Should Do

  • As soon as you get a kit, you should read instructions so that you can do it with efficiency and without affecting the results.
  • You should collect the samples following everything that states on the package.
  • You use a foil to wrap a hair sample
  • Place it into an envelope that you got with the package
  • Mail it to the lab so that they can conduct screening
  • In most cases, you will get results on your email, or you can go on their official website and use identification number you got so that you can determine what happened.

What Do The Results Mean?

  • Negative – If you notice a negative result, it means that the first step of hair analysis or ELISA did not find illegal compounds and drug metabolites within your hair follicles. Therefore, they do not have to send it to GC-MS screening, and you will be able to get results in the next 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Positive – If ELISA finds something inside the hair follicles, the lab will have to conduct a GC-MS test to confirm the results and list the type of drugs as well as their amount inside. Usually, it will last up to three days after the procedure.

We recommend you to enter this site: https://www.healthline.com/health/hair-follicle-drug-test to learn more about this particular testing method.

Is It Accurate?

It is vital to understand that hair follicle drug test can quickly determine whether someone used illegal substances in the last ninety days of three months. Even though the test will not be able to accurately pinpoint the date of usage, it depends on the hair growth rate individual features.

Even though the entire process requires two methods, it is not 100% accurate, and that is something you should remember. Some factors may affect the overall presentation of drug byproducts in your follicles such as:

  • The quantity of consumed drug
  • The nature and structure of medication that you’ve used
  • The amount of dark hair pigment in your hair, because specific drugs tend to bind more to it
  • How much you sweat
  • Whether you’re using color and bleach frequently or not

Even if you do not have hair samples on the head, the administrators will check other parts of your body. They will take between 0.5 and 1.5 inches, and they can use hair from armpits, legs, as well as pubic area.

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