All you need to know about EMDR Therapy in Singapore

All you need to know about EMDR Therapy in SingaporePTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one of the serious mental illnesses that can occur to anyone who has had psychological stress in the past. To relieve the patients from such illness, the psychologists and psychiatrists use the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) method. This process is said to help traumatic patients to recover from their current state. EMDR Singapore is a national organisation that helps certified practitioners to master their skills and knowledge to serve effectively. The association has been in existence for ten years now and has gained immense popularity worldwide. Let us have a look at what EMDR Singapore is all about.

What Is EMDR Therapy in Singapore?

EMDR therapy in Singapore is the most renowned of all in the world. The EMDR Singapore association helps in promoting and advocating this therapeutic approach by offering world-class services to the patients. Francine Shapiro, the famous psychologist of the 80s, developed this method to help people suffering from traumatic stress and PTSD in the recovery process. The therapy is based on the belief that negative thoughts, memories, feelings, and ideas are a result of unprocessed past recollections. If you are facing the same trouble, get the EMDR therapy today in a clinic accessible to you.

How Does the EMDR Singapore Work?

In 2013, the WHO (World Health Organisation) approved of the practice by issuing a few guidelines describing the theory and impact of the therapy. However, you must know how this process certainly works. EMDR Singapore therapy is divided into eight phases, and each one of them will help you recover from your mental illness effectively.

Phase 1: EMDR Treatment Planning

The first phase will need you to talk about your history and past events with your therapist. You would need to tell him what causes you trouble, which incidents or events make you uneasy and from what time you realised that things are going off-track for you.

Phase 2: EMDR Preparation

The second phase includes the preparation of the therapy, in which the therapist will teach you the eye movements, taps, bilateral stimulation, etc. You will also learn stress-management tips like mindfulness and deep breathing.

Phase 3: EMDR Assessment

After knowing about your history and your problems that cause you traumatic memories, the therapist will assess the intensity of the treatment and how it will help you get over your memories. The assessment process will decide the total duration of your treatment.

Phase 4-7: Treatment

The treatment starts in the fourth phase and continues till the seventh phase of the EMDR Singapore therapy. Using the techniques you learn in phase 2, the therapist will give you instructions to speak about the traumatic stress. The focus is on the targeted memories that you could not process positively. The use of bilateral stimulation is also very helpful in this process. After this process, you will need to let your mind blank and think of all the memories spontaneously. Vigorous use of this process for a few sessions will help you recover from the distress.

Phase 8: Evaluation

The final part is the evaluation wherein your therapist will analyse your improvement and your recovery rate.

Effectiveness of EMDR Therapy

Most of the health organisations, medical experts, and psychologists who have used this therapy have claimed it to be effective and useful. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ also made a strong claim about the effectiveness of EMDR Singapore therapy. Some patients also claimed to feel a significant development in their condition post the therapy.

EMDR Singapore has been in service for over ten years now and the therapy has proved to save millions of patients across the world. If you have such traumatic memories, you should consult a psychiatrist at your earliest!