8 Steps to Carry Out after a Car Accident!

Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatic sometimes, however you need to act very patiently and calmly at that moment. The hyper we get, worsen gets the situation. You should also take care of the other person, with whom you had met with an accident, even though it is the other person’s fault, you should stay calm and let the law take the decision. Meanwhile, you should work on the following steps:

Check Yourself

First comes first, you need to take care of yourself first, then the others. Check if you are injured or not, check if you have gotten a piece of glass on your head or whatever. If the injury is serious, call someone immediately and tell him or her to call an ambulance. If you are capable of getting out of the car, get out immediately and call the ambulance yourself.

Stop Right Away

Many people do a mistake of getting out of the situation, they just swift away from that area as if nothing happened. If the person with whom you had an accident gets seriously injured or faces death, then you are in serious trouble, as you are the number one suspect of the incident. So do not run from the situation, be calm, and call the police or 911 immediately.

Check Others As Well

If you are traveling with some other passengers too, and if you are not that much hurt to move, then you should call the police or 911 as soon as possible. When traveling with other passengers, do not get restless, you have to be calm, check them that either they are hurt or not. If they are hurt, try to blow some air in their mouth so that they can get sufficient oxygen and do not get suffocated. If you are not in the condition to help them, don’t do anything, just call the ambulance if you can.

Call the Police

Even if there is a minor accident, police legality is important. The opposition party can file a complaint against you anytime, so do not take the police issue lightly. If you can call the police, then call, or else, go to the nearest police station to file the report of a car accident yourself. In further procedures, complaint reports matter a lot.

The Information Exchange

After insuring of you and the other passengers being safe, exchange information with the other driver. Information such as their full name, contact details, driver’s license, model and color of the vehicle, the exact location of the incident, and many other details as well. Once you have all the details, you are good to go to claim insurance.


To assure yourself, you also have to be attentive. When the police arrive at the accident spot, you should recognize their faces and their names with badge numbers, and if you go to lodge a complaint, ask for a copy of the report for your proof. Taking pictures of the vehicles from all angles helps the insurer whose fault is it. Showing the photos of both cars will help them come to a decision faster. Furthermore, all passengers’ names are also required, the ones sitting in your car and the ones sitting in the other car, having their information is important too because they are the only witnesses of the accident. If there were any passer-byes or some other witnesses, their contact number and names are also very important.

The Process

Once you are done with all the documentation and details required for the insurance, the process can be started. It is also advisable to call your insurer at the accident spot, it is always better for them to see the whole situation by themselves only, it can also fasten up the process.

Medical Attention

In many insurance companies, you also get medical benefits. If you have to use it, then you should ask about that to your insurer or the insurance company. You just have to submit the medical bills and some further details to get a discount on the medical bills. Moreover, accident pains do not occur immediately, it takes some time to generate, even a day or two, so get yourself checked. If you have wounds or signs of bleeding, then consulting a doctor should be a must. To a further ado, these types of injuries and wounds require attention, so if bed rest is prescribed, then it shouldn’t be ignored, or else these short term problems might turn into long term difficulties.

Car accidents can be very traumatizing sometimes, but claiming basic rights is also very important. Though at such critical times, we get tense and make quick decisions, but we have to be calm and make intelligent decisions. Be safe and drive carefully!