Blue and Purple Hair Shading Ideas

The funny thing about hair colour trends can come from anywhere, and the blue and purple hair colour is the latest trend we are witnessing right now. The blend of blue and purple gives a beautiful galaxy dye that looks like a starry night sky. There are a variety of colouring tricks with the same colours as unicorn, opal and mermaid hair.

Purple and blue are analogous shades. This implies that they blend excellently and do not leave any stark contrast. With these two beautiful shades, you can come up with an exciting sexy and mysterious colour combination to show off your personality. Check this web link for more info.

 1. Opal Braid.

This hairstyle is very common among women since it appears beautiful in jewellery. But it is also a great milestone for a hairs shade thanks to a smooth blend of purple, pink and blue. This hair colour trend usually involves the blue and purple hair with subtle hues of pastel that gives you a softer colour combination, galaxy dye.

2. Mermaid Hair.

This hair colour is supposed to appear like different colours of the ocean. While many women tend to gravitate to brighter greens, blue and purple hair gives an appearance of the moon dancing on the ocean at night. The look is dark, but so colourful as well.

3. Geometric Undercut.

You don’t have to break your bank to shine bright like diamonds. But you can achieve that with this simple dark blue and purple hair with an edgy undercut shaped like a natural gem. The big braid allowed to flow effortlessly and the shaved side with add texture to your short hairstyle.

4. Stained Glass Side.

Have you ever looked through the stained glass on a sunny day? What was the feeling like? Of course, it was beautiful. Maybe, you can choose to experience the same feeling always with this blue and purple hair. It balances both secondary and primary shades on the sides and then paired with sleek pastel on the crown.

5. Dark Unicorn Waves.

You don’t have to mix pastel colours and bright colours in order to get unicorn shades. You can opt for green and dark purple and still a look that is drastic and light. This would be an ideal colour combo for ladies with naturally dark hair.

6. Twilight Layers.

I know you have lived all your life knowing that Twilight is the name of a sexy vampire series. However, it is also a glam of shades in the late evening sky. Blue, pink, and blue combine to come up with exciting wash shades that appear great and adorable when used as a hair colour. Adding layers to the mix will add different colours to your style. Try it today and see how beautiful you can be.

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