A Guide to Choosing the Best Acne Product

There are both good and bad things associated with acne products on the market today. The good news is that medical researchers, scientists, and doctors have invested a lot of time and effort in developing safe and effective products. Therefore, many people have the opportunity to get acne outbreaks under control and prevent future outbreaks. The bad news is that store shelves are lined with a variety of brands and formulas claiming to fight acne that actually do nothing or even worse, produce a number of unpleasant side effects.

To the average person, walking into a store to find the best acne product quickly becomes an overwhelming and confusing experience. After all, with product after product sitting side-by-side and each claiming to be the best, choosing one that would actually yield the results wanted is difficult. Even though challenging, there are ways to separate the best acne product from one just claiming to be. With the information provided in this article, the process of finding the best acne product becomes relatively easy.

Identify the Type of Acne

Before the best acne product could be chosen, an individual would need to have a clear understanding of the type of acne that needs to be treated. Too often, a person will buy a product manufactured by a reputable company and one with rave reviews but upon closer inspection, it would be realized that it focuses on one primary type of acne. Unless that person has that exact acne problem, the product would virtually be worthless.

Although all types of acne are the result of excessive sebum, which is oil naturally produced by the body, there are different triggers, as well as types. The four most common include whiteheads that are pimples filled with pus, blackheads, which are whiteheads with blackened tips from being exposed to air, pimples, which are caused by the invasion of bacteria in surrounding skin, and pimple cysts that develop from clogged pores and form deep within skin. Knowing the exact type of acne makes it easier to choose the best acne product.

Medical Consultation

Even if someone wanted to look for the best acne product sold over-the-counter but was having a difficult time separating the good from the bad, it could be worthwhile to have a consultation with a dermatologist. After all, this medical professional’s ultimate goal is to help people get various skin conditions under control so quite often, OTC products, as well as prescription medications, and various treatments would be suggested.

Product Comparisons

Because of the vast number of acne treatment products now available, it would be important for an individual to spend some time online making product comparisons. In addition to identifying and researching ingredients, it would also be important to look at the manufacturing company’s history, and type of guarantee provided, followed by researching consumer reviews. Although it might take a little time and effort, often key information is revealed by going through this process.

Treatment and Prevention

In addition to a person trying to find the best acne product to get an existing problem controlled, any product being considered should also prevent future outbreaks. Otherwise, the individual would notice improvement in redness and swelling but have done nothing to prevent another  problem from occurring. In other words, unless an acne product can cure and prevent, it would only serve as a temporary fix.

Natural Remedies

Although there are actually a number of highly effective and safe commercial products that an individual could consider, there are also natural remedies found available in health food or whole food stores, nutritional shops, in some drug and grocery stores, and online. In this case, herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and other natural ingredients would be mixed to create what would be determined the best acne product for some people.

Specific Ingredients

As mentioned, knowing the ingredients of any acne treatment being considered is essential. Unfortunately, there are even some ingredients that could cause side effects or if used on the wrong type of acne make the problem worse so knowing what is going on the skin and being absorbed by the skin is extremely valuable information. However, the best acne product should contain at least one of two ingredients to include benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, with both providing exceptional results.